Retreat – January 2023


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Attune to Nature’s Rhythms ~ Nourish Your Well-Being

An Ayurveda Lifestyle Immersion Retreat, Whidbey Island

Friday, 2:00pm – Sunday, 2:00pm Pacific Time

January 20 – 22, 2023

Join me in-person at the New Year, New Moon time, for an experiential, playful, and transformative retreat! We will explore how nature’s rhythms affect us and play a significant role in limiting or facilitating our capacity for well-being.

Daily lifestyle makes a difference! When you awaken, sleep, eat, and how you choose food can have a profound impact on heath and immunity over time. In this retreat we will follow an Ayurveda daily flow (adjusting per constitution) to serve as a container for self reflection and discovery.

The slow, soft qualities of winter season, the lunar rhythm of the New Moon, and the presence of the elder trees will hold our sacred circle, open access to nature, and empower compassionate inquiry, personal discovery, and inner resourcing.

We will integrate meditation, yoga asana, pranayama and Ayurveda learning ‘labs’ to develop your capacity to notice and grow from nature’s changing rhythms and qualities within yourself and in relationship to the outer environment. The weekend immersion will empower you to apply practices at home.

“The rhythmic lifestyle of Ayurveda follows Nature, and if you decide to live according to this lifestyle, you too will begin to feel supported by Nature—from within yourself. You can discover the deep nurturance that is always available in Nature and gradually become one with the great natural rhythm. Be assured that Ayurvedic principles are Nature’s own principles.”

~ Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, Acharya Shunya


WHERE: Aldermarsh, S. Whidbey Island (Clinton, WA)

Aldermarsh is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization located in the historic Maxwelton Valley, South Whidbey Island. The 5 acres are sustainably managed and include elder trees, meadows, a garden, a beautiful and spacious practice space, nearby hiking trails, Japanese hot tub, sauna, and comfortable gathering and resting spaces. You will be nourished by place and also contribute to regenerating and renewing place through your sincere presence.


Aldermarsh has beautiful accommodations, including individual small cabins, private sleeping spaces within shared buildings, and shared baths. All spaces are cleaned, sanitized, and aired between retreats.


PAY DEPOSIT – $250 NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. Balance of $500 (lodging + tax inc.) or $285 (off-site lodging tax inc.) is due by 01/06/23.

*Your payment is your registration. You will receive an email confirmation with further details and registration requests. Accommodations are for private sleeping spaces. If you choose, you may share your sleeping space with a partner or friend.

Attune to Nature’s Rhythms Retreat

Payment Options


  • 2 Nights Accommodations – Individual small cabins or private sleeping spaces within shared buildings, shared bath. When registering, partners and friends may specify sharing a room. Registration and payment options are available for off-site lodging.
  • 6 seasonal, vegetarian meals by Ayurvedic Chef Aria Peterman, Elephant’s Kitchen (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. As locally and organically sourced as possible.)
  • Silent Times, Time to Connect, Nature Walks
  • Guided Meditation
  • Asana, Pranayama
  • Ayurveda Learning ‘Labs’ e.g. Daily Routine, Constitutional Qualities, Simple Teas (for digestion and sleep).
  • Japanese Hot Tub, Sauna (optional)

Practice offers a daily recentering but sometimes we need a stronger reset. Going into retreat provides a unique opportunity. The break from your typical routine and responsibilities to be in sacred space and understand your own rhythms and dependencies, is invaluable for compassionate self discovery, exploring, and establishing supportive habits. This is an alcohol-free retreat. Limited usage of electronic devices is encouraged.

Cancellation Policy:

$250 of your payment is a nonrefundable administration fee. The remainder of your payment can be refunded for cancellation through December 20, 2022. There will be no refunds after December 20, 2022 unless I can fill your space with another participant from the waiting list. If I cancel the retreat for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full.

All are welcome! We will do our best to foster health for ourselves and each other and will support each other’s choice to mask or unmask. Retreat size is limited for ample space and for private sleeping spaces. Please join me in trusting one another to take care of ourselves, the group, and the stewards of the lovely space in which we will practice. Please stay at home if you have any signs of illness.