Workshop – June 2023

Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer ~ A Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop with Wendy Dion, MS, CRC

Sunday, June 11, 2023, 9:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time

In-Person, from your home ‘Live’ via Zoom, or by recording ~ Sarah’s Yoga Loft, Snohomish WA

One of Ayurveda’s primary principles is to adapt our routines and dietary choices with the ebb and flow of the seasons. The seasons serve as opportunities for self exploration, offering different gifts and challenges for each of us. By making a conscious effort to accommodate each new season, we can support an improved and more consistent state of well being throughout the year.

Summer’s unique solar qualities of light, heat, and intensity inspire expansion and mobility. Yet depending upon individual constitution, some of us can’t get enough of the heat, while others avoid the sun’s intensity and aren’t able to tolerate the dehydrating quality of the heat. The intense energy of summer can spark strong emotional reactions too.

In this workshop you will learn how to harmonize your internal landscape with the nature of summer.

What is Included:

  • Yoga and breathing for cooling, calming, and hydrating.
  • Ayurveda learning lab – summer’s primary energetic qualities.
  • Self-care tips for summer food, herb, and lifestyle choices.
  • A cooling drink & snack including recipes.

About Me:

I teach yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as awareness practices, paths of inquiry, that lead to greater sensitivity, tolerance, understanding, and transformation. This approach is informed by forty years’ of practice and study, synthesizing my professional training in psychology, movement, and health science with these wisdom practices.

I currently live in Seattle where I teach online classes and intensives and regularly see clients for one-on-one consultations online and in-person.  For seventeen years, I was the steward of The Yoga Lodge, a teaching and retreat destination on Whidbey Island.

About Sarah’s Yoga Loft:

The loft is in a rural setting in Snohomish County, overlooking rolling green pastures and the Cascade Mountains. It is 34 miles northeast of Seattle and 30 miles southeast of Whidbey Island. Extend your stay and hike at Lord Hill Park and/or visit historic downtown Snohomish. Yoga props are provided on-site.

Payment Options:

I offer 3-tiered Sliding Scale Payment Options based on your current financial status. 

  • $95 regular level
  • $85 discounted level
  • $75 supported level

Choose the level that is best for you now.

  • Regular: This is the cost that I would charge all students in the absence of a sliding scale. If you choose a level below this tier, you are receiving a discount. This level of payment is for you if you have access to financial security and spend little time worried about securing necessities.
  • Discounted: This level of payment is for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying at this level may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create a hardship.
  • Supported: This is for those who struggle to meet basic needs such as housing, food, child care, health care, etc. Paying above this level would be a significant hardship. If this level is still prohibitive, please contact me regarding a scholarship.

Your payment is your registration. You will receive an email confirmation.

Payment Options

Sliding Scale

Cancellation Policy:

There will be no refunds for this offering unless we can fill your space with another participant. If we cancel the workshop for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full.