Wendy Dion Yoga Instructor Whidbey Island



Practices are slow-paced, nuanced, and respectful of the roots of yoga.  You will be invited to follow your breath and inhabit your body consciously to connect with your dynamic and stable center.

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In a one-on-one session, we will focus on your needs. I will design a practice to address those needs in the context of your life and unique constitution. A one-on-one session can serve you in many ways.

Specialized Study

Specialized Study includes workshops and retreats to provide an opportunity to explore a particular topic or theme in greater depth — learning a subtle skill, understanding aspects of Ayurveda, applying yoga in your life . . .

Inquiry is the art of questioning all of one’s assumptions, beliefs, and interpretations as a means of opening up space in the mind for intuitive wisdom to arise. Once space is opened up, simply rest the question in the stillness of conscious being. Watch. Keep faithful vigil with the unknown. The vital moments of breakthrough come when you least expect them.

~ Adyashanti, The Way of Liberation