One-on-One Sessions

Wendy Dion

In a one-on-one session, we focus on your needs. We will work together to design a personalized practice to address those needs in the context of your life. Sessions are held online ‘live’ via Zoom.

“We rise by the support of the same ground that trips us.” ~ Tantrik Proverb

One-on-one sessions have many benefits. You might wish to:

  • incorporate yoga, meditation, and/or Ayurveda into your lifestyle
  • learn how to adjust an asana to suit your physical needs
  • address discomfort, pain. . . .
  • restore strength, stability, resilience
  • establish peace of mind and integrate self-care at a time of transition i.e. divorce, new job, baby, retirement. . . .
  • address an injury, past or current
  • deepen your understanding of an asana
  • enhance your performance in a sport

The awareness practices—yoga, meditation, Ayurveda—have the potential for easing chronic pain and for initiating profound healing.  With these practices, you will come into resonance with your own body — you will attune with your deepest nature.

You may choose to meet online via Zoom or at your home with COVID protocols. Please call to discuss. To provide access to services for different income levels, I offer a graduated fee structure. If the hourly graduated structure does not work for you, please contact me for further discussion.

Payment Options

Payment is due at the time of scheduling the session. I accept cash, check, credit/debit and PayPal. I do not offer billing services.

Cancellation Policy: Our collective time is valuable. We have reserved the time for each other and I prepare for your session. In the event that you need to cancel a session, payment is not refundable. If I cancel a session we will reschedule. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pay with PayPal

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One support over a longer period

4-Month Commitment – Includes Four Appointments – 1.5 hr. Initial Visit + Three 1 hr. Follow-Up Sessions, Personalized Plan/Sequence with Adjustments (as required) in a Document with Photos OR a Recording. $525

12-Month Commitment – Includes 1.5 hr. Initial Visit + Eleven 1 hr. Follow-Up Sessions, Personalized Plan/Sequence with Adjustments (as required) in a Document with Photos OR a Recording. $1250

I had my marching orders from a physical therapist, but only after Wendy showed me how to do the exercises did they start making sense to my body. Wendy showed me how to relax and to breathe—and with that, my body began to take it all in. I had a one-hour session; I went from unconscious to conscious.

Margaret Bendet, Langley, WA—professional editor and writing teacher