I teach yoga as a lifestyle, a way of being, and as a subtle and nuanced process of self-discovery, inquiry, and transformation. You will be given the opportunity and guidance to work at your own pace, explore variations, and accept or decline guidance and/or touch. I integrate:

  • Asana–forms using the breath, principles of alignment, energy flow, somatics, and attention to structural differences
  • Ayurveda–attention to individual constitution
  • Awareness Practices–Meditation–inward focus

Class will include holding forms and flowing through them to simultaneously observe discomfort and habitual patterns, bring ease to your vital energy (prana), and to access the quiet, stable and dynamic center within yourself. Each class will have a physical and philosophical theme, adjusted per the needs of the students present. Classes will incorporate restorative yoga and other deep relaxation techniques.

The body, not the thinking brain, is where we experience most of our pain, pleasure, and joy, and where we process most of what happens to us. It is also where we do most of our healing, including our emotional and psychological healing. And it is where we experience resilience and a sense of flow.

~ Resmaa Menakem from My Grandmother’s Hands