ONLINE Integrating & Sustaining Practice Series

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Join me for an Autumn series – Integrating and Sustaining Practice, in which you will receive guidance and support to in corporate conscious movement (yoga asana), awareness cultivation (meditation), and nature’s wisdom (ayurveda) into your life on a daily basis.

Most of us in the West access yoga and its benefits through group classes. Classes are a great way to begin and develop a familiarity with yoga, meditation, and ayurveda. Yet the question I most often receive from students is how to deepen, integrate, and sustain these practices outside of class. This is an important question. It speaks to the roots and intention of these traditions that emphasize regular, sustained exploration of knowing oneself as both a unique and interconnected being.

Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda are perfect companions for developing a conscious lifestyle that adapts to change, sources from wholeness, and incorporates the wisdom of reciprocity and sustainability. These experiential teachings have survived the test of time because they consistently work. The householder texts are particularly applicable for those of us with families and work responsibilities.

These practices are not only indispensable for personal growth and well being. They are essential for empowering us to engage in transforming the issues of our time.

What to Expect:

  • Foundational teaching on a specific theme
  • Personal exploration of the specific asana, meditation, and Ayurveda teaching for that session
  • Time to identify one or several practices from that session to continue during the week
  • Documentation to support 15-30 minutes of regular practice
  • Opportunity to discuss experiences

This series is for anyone who has studied yoga for at least six months, who is ready to develop or refine a daily practice, and who is willing to show up regularly with beginner’s mind and an open heart.

Sliding Scale Tuition

Sliding Scale Tuition

You will receive a registration confirmation upon receipt of payment. Please specify Wednesday or Sunday preference. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please connect with me about scholarship options.

Cancellation Policy

A refund less a $25 administration fee is available until September 20, 2020. No refunds after September 20, 2020, unless you find someone to fill your space.

You are not required to attend the same day of the week for all four classes. RECORDINGS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL CLASSES.